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Contents and Subjects

You may also begin your studies by listening to an audio series by H. L. Roush, Sr. As you listen, go to pages we have set up (click here) to view models as you walk with Brother Roush through the tabernacle.  Link for the audio series:
The Tabernacle


Introduction to Typology

Tabernacle of Moses

"I am the Way" - The Gate

The Perfect Sacrifice - The Brazen Altar

Continual Cleansing - The Brazen Laver

The Place of Worship - Holy Place

The Light of the World - The Lampstand

Fellowship of the Word - The Shewbread

Prayer and Praise - The Golden Altar of Incense

Born Again! - The Veil

In God's Presence - The Holy of Holies

God's Holiness - The Ark of the Covenant

 Pot of Manna
 Tablets of Law
 Aaron's Rod        

The High Priest and Day of Atonement

The Lost Man Pictured in the Tabernacle

The Saved Man Pictured in the Tabernacle


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