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A Christian's Victory



Does a Christian need deliverance ministry (other Christians to deliver us) in order to be free of problems?


The Bible says that Christ is our all-sufficiency.  That does not mean that we do not need the friendship, fellowship and sometimes counsel of other Christians.  It just means that all Christians have Christ living in them by His Spirit, and therefore have the power, through Him, to walk in spiritual victory by faith.  It is very true that God has no grandchildren.  Neither is there any hierarchy in the Christian faith. The New Testament does not speak of “super” Christians who have more power or authority than other Christians.  Rather it speaks of a Body of believers, all of whom have spiritual gifts given to edify the whole Body.  There are weak Christians, but they need only to grow up and mature in the faith, renewing their minds on Truth.  More mature Christians should seek to lead babes in Christ toward maturity, not seeking to manipulate and control them, but seeking to help them grow in grace and faith.




Col. 1:12-14 – translated into a new kingdom.

Col. 2:8-15 – complete in Him.

Eph. 2:1-10 – His work, not ours.

Rom. 5:1-11 – we all have access by faith.

Heb. 10:19-25 – boldness to stand before God.

Col. 1:18-23 – God has declared you unblameable by faith in Him!

Col. 3:1-4 – Our victory is in focusing on Him Who sits above.




Does a Christian have to be concerned about demon spirits, or any work of darkness?


If Christians are to go around casting out demon spirits from other Christians, or seek to have demons cast out of themselves by others, why does the New Testament not speak of this? Demons are mentioned several times in the New Testament outside of the gospels.  In the King James version they are called “principalities and powers.” In each case, the message is that only Christ in us  by personal faith overcomes them. Jesus cast demon spirits out of people during His public ministry, giving credibility that He is the One Who came to earth to overcome all powers of darkness.  He did that before the Cross! After the Cross, He rose again to give new life to all who come to Him by faith.  His Spirit in believers casts out all demonic influences!  Each born-again believer has Christ living in him.  Put all your faith in Him! If and when doubt enters in, pray and read His Word, especially His Promises.


Christians are to walk in the light as He is in the Light.  One thing that separates true Christianity from other religions, is that there is no superstition in true Christianity, as there is in pagan religions.  Christ brings the Light of God.  We do not fear disembodied spirits and ghosts.  Turn by faith from the darkness, and walk in the glorious Light! Be free! There is no harm that can come to you that is not overcome by the Eternal Redemption that is in Christ.  What can man, demon spirits or all the powers of darkness do to a blood-bought child of God? Kill you, you say?  And send you to Jesus' Loving Arms? He alone has the power over Hell and the grave!



Romans 8:35-39 – Nothing can touch us in Christ!

1 John 4:3-5 – Overcoming is having Christ in you.

1 John 1:6-9 – God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness.



What does the Bible have to say about how a Christian deals with problems and sins? Where is the battleground for a Christian once he is saved?


The battleground for a Christian is in his mind.  It is in the mind that doubts enter in.  Satan throws his darts at our minds; but we do not have to succumb to him. It is in the mind that Satan’s darts are dispensed with by faith in Christ and His finished work on the Cross. Sin always begins in the mind and heart. We must feed our minds on Truth – the Truth of the Word of God -- and Truth is a faith builder and a mind transformer.  It is not our faith that overcomes, because that would be a work and we are not saved by works, but by grace.  Faith in our faith is not the key.  Faith is not a force that can call anything into existence.  The key is to have faith in the right object, and that object is Christ and Him crucified and resurrected.  He is the only one Who can overcome.  People allow themselves to become enslaved in their own minds by fear and doubt; to do so is to live after the flesh and allow place to Satan.  But faith in Christ and His Cross will overcome as He overcomes in us!  We can walk through any difficulty, any storm of life, by faith in Him. We may be battle-scarred, but not defeated.  Life is a testing ground, full of trials, which God uses for good to grow us up in the faith.  All He asks us to do is to fully trust Him and walk in that trust.



Romans 12:2 – renew the mind.

Romans 6:3-11 – live unto God.

Gal. 2:20 – crucified with Christ; alive in Christ.

Romans 10:17 – how faith comes.

Phil. 4:13 – Walk through any difficulty.

1 John 4:17-19 – Perfect Love (Agape) casts out fear.

Col. 1:27 – Christ lives in His people.

2 Cor. 5:7 – we walk by faith.

1 John 1:5-9 – walk in the Light.





Where does a Christian’s power lie, and what does the Blood of Christ do for us?


Everything we receive, everything God has for us is by the Blood of Christ.  He washes away our sins by faith in His Blood. He reconciles us unto Himself by faith in His Blood.  He delivers us far above principalities and powers (demons and devils) by His Blood so that we may be seated in heavenly places with the Resurrected Christ.  Nothing can touch our spirit and soul, though our body may be battered.  We are safe and secure in Him. That is what overcoming is all about!


Read these passages to see we are redeemed by the Blood:


Romans 3:24-26

Romans 5:8-10

Eph. 1:6-8

Eph. 2:12-14

Col. 1:13-15

Col. 1:19-21

Heb. 9:11-14

Heb. 10:19,20

1 Peter 1:2

1 Peter 1:18-20

1 John 1:7

Rev. 1:4-6

Rev. 5:9

John 3:16


And then, because of the Blood, in the resurrection we are seated in Heavenly Places in Christ:


Eph. 2:5-10

Col. 3:1-4


If we say we have faith, but also believe these things are not always true in practical application, do we really have faith, or are we deceiving ourselves? If we allow our circumstances and situations of life to rob us of faith, how strong is our faith? We do not have to have a strong faith; but we must have a Strong Object of Faith: our Savior!  Just faith the size of a mustard seed that fully trusts in Christ.


The story of the mustard seed, by the way, is an interesting one.  When people teach it, they usually put the emphasis on it being so tiny and growing up into a huge tree.  So they teach a tiny faith can work wonders.  This puts emphasis on the wrong thing: faith. The emphasis is seldom put on the Object of Faith Who is all-powerful and is the One that transforms the tiny seed into a great tree! Instead of the emphasis being on a tiny faith, we should put the emphasis on the Omnipotent Object of Faith! The mustard seed does not worry or fret about what it is going to become.  It simply exists by the power of God; and God has built into it the code or pattern to become a great mustard tree.  A mustard seed will never become an oak, an elm, or a fig tree; and it does not worry or concern itself about becoming a weed or poison oak.  It just is, and it becomes what God has ordained.  It is God that does the work inside of the tiny seed and makes of it a great mustard tree!  And likewise, God has put within each Christian the seed of Christ -- tiny at first -- and we begin as babes. But He will transform each of us into the image of Christ! Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ – Phil. 1:6.


Isn’t that what Jesus was really teaching in the parable of the mustard seed? Just rest in the work God performs. That is the kind of faith we are to have: to rest in what God has ordained we are to be and allow Him to do the work in us. Being fully confident of His Love.


He said to the Pharisees who asked Him how could they work the works of God, “The work of God is to believe on Him Whom God hath sent.” (John 6:28,29)


Faith is not just saying that we believe something and then living out our lives counter to what we say we believe.  Faith lays hold on what we believe.  I may say that I have faith that a certain bed will hold me up as I sleep.  That is what beds do.  But if I get into the bed and lie awake all night worrying that the bed is going to collapse, I do not really have faith in that bed.  So I do not submit myself to its true purpose, which is to give me a good night’s rest. I do not have faith in my car if I fail to believe it will get me from home to where I want to go.  I may drive it, but worry the whole way that it will break down.  Maybe I should lack faith in so fragile an object as a bed or car, but not in God!   If we cannot fully submit ourselves to God in Christ to be Lord over us and see us through, we are lacking the faith that will sustain us through the storms of life.


If I say I am a Christian, yet I walk in fear that something terrible is going to happen to me, and that if it does I cannot handle it, or fear that I can do something to lose my salvation, or that demons have some power over me, then I am not walking by the faith I am professing.  Natural fear will come at times because of circumstances; but it is not to defeat us. Christ has given us eternal life; temporal things cannot harm us. If I am attempting to control my own life either in my own power (weakness) or by some external source, and allowing circumstances to cast me about, I am not walking by faith in God.


Now, do not say, “Well, I do not have that kind of faith; so I am not sure Christ lives in me.” No! Seek rather that kind of faith! The key to living in victory is to possess faith in the Only One Who can save and keep you, the One Who died for you, and then rest in Him.  Then you will not walk by fear or doubt.  Remember, God loves you and wants the best for you.


Account this day that you will live by and walk by faith in the Only One Who can sustain you.  Believe in and rest in the fact that He is in control!  Get up in the morning and pray, “Lord, I am as a tiny mustard seed, fully submitting myself for you to do a great work in. I know you want me to be free to serve you and be served by You; and you have made me free by the Blood of Jesus. Amen.”