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Teachings of Jesus Discussed

Jesus taught under the Old Covenant.  In His teachings, it was His mission to convict the religious people of Judea, rigid in their law-keeping,  concerning their misunderstanding of the purpose and meaning of the Law of Moses.  It was His intention -- His mission given by His Father -- to instruct that the Law cannot save, that no one can achieve perfection by way of the Law. He also taught that they had confused and negated the Law by their traditions.  It was His intention and purpose to show and demonstrate that the Nature of God was misunderstood by His chosen people, and that in reality He was a Loving Father Who wanted reconciliation and relationship with His children.  As a Loving Father He wanted to bring Love to the Earth through His Son, to  His beloved children, and through them to a lost and dying world.  He wanted to show that the fulfillment of the Law is Love, and that if Love is not present, all the law-keeping in the world will not suffice to fill the void.  That is why He healed on the Sabbath, and when the religious leaders rebuked Him for it, He answered them that Love transcended and was greater than any law! In other words, the desire of a heart of Love to heal or make whole is greater than external,  rigid, religious law-keeping.  He also made clear that the law was not superior to the Law-giver; and that the children of Israel were to believe on the One that the Law-Giver -- God the Father -- had sent to reveal the Truth. Above all, Jesus in His teachings intended to bury any belief in and effort to try to achieve righteousness through and by legalistic religion.

The Law of Moses was given as an interim step to bring people to Christ.  It was never intended as the ultimate goal of God to teach people how to live by law and leave it at that.  But Jesus had the challenging task of turning people from mere external religion to listening to Him! It is because that He insisted He was sent by God and men must listen to Him, that they crucified Him!  It was always the Father's intention, however, that Jesus be crucified, and that religion have a part in it. Dead religion puts to death the Grace and Mercy of God; and therefore dead religion had its part in crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some religions of the world lift up on high the teachings of Jesus, but that is as far as they go.  They do not go on to the way that Jesus fulfilled and made possible the spiritual essence of His teachings in order to make them real to the heart of man. A spiritual transformation is necessary; and that is what belief in Jesus Christ accomplishes. Some Christian teachers teach Jesus' teachings in a confused way, all but ignoring or setting aside Jesus' work on the Cross, and attempting to teach what Jesus said as laws binding for Christians today.  Many take His miracles and try to prove by them that we as Christians (His Body) are supposed to be working physical miracles today in order to fulfill what Jesus wants us to do. Some Christian teachers almost totally avoid Jesus' teachings because deep down they think pre-Cross teachings violate Grace! All these biased beliefs result because they do not understand progressive revelation.

Everything Jesus taught and every miracle Jesus worked while He walked the Earth was to point men to the God of Love, Who seeks to redeem the world by and through that Love and put His Spirit within the hearts of men.  He came to usher in a New Covenant, wherein the Holy Spirit in the hearts of men would be its fulfillment. If we read the four gospels through the Cross, Resurrection and -- yes -- Ascension,  and as explained through the lens of the enlightened Paul in his epistles, we will more fully understand the full meaning of what Jesus taught and did.  Of course, we need spiritual eyes to "see," and that can only come by way of the New Birth and a submission to the Holy Spirit as Teacher.

Set forth here will be some of the teachings of Jesus explained in light of His work on the Cross.  Come back, as new ones are added, to read them and be blessed.

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