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Favorite Links

Disclaimer:  We do not claim to advocate all of the views expressed on the following websites. Neither do we claim that the owners of these other sites would be in total agreement with any or all of our positions. We do, however, I believe, agree on the essentials of the Faith.  The links are provided because we feel that the material is  worthy to be read and/or heard. We pray that whatever you read or hear in this "information" age, you will ask the Father in Heaven by His Holy Spirit to give you discernment and keep you settled in truth. "Search the Scripture to see if these things be true." Know Him and Seek His Wisdom and He will not let you stray.

Calvary Chapel Links:

I have no official connection to Calvary Chapel; but do recognize that its ministers  present the clear gospel of grace based on faith in Jesus Christ alone and that they believe very much in teaching and studying the Word of God verse by verse. They also believe and teach that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today, but not the excesses propounded by many. I personally fellowship at a Calvary Chapel on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  (See link below.) There are many Calvary Chapel fellowships around the world.  You may be able to find one in your area at the Calvary Chapel link.

Calvary Chapel

The Word For Today
Web site of Chuck Smith, the founder of Calvary Chapel.

CSN Radio
Listen online to great Christian teaching. (There may also be a station in your own area.)

Calvary Chapel Distinctives
Read Pastor Chuck Smith's book online concerning the foundations of the Calvary Chapel movement.

Calvary Chapel on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Blue Letter Bible
In addition to being a wonderful Bible site, where searches and other studies may be conducted, there are many audio and video studies of Calvary Chapel and other ministers.

To Every Man An Answer
A call-in Christian apologetics program. You may listen to this daily program live on the CSN radio network and call in your own questions. You may also listen online to past broadcasts at this link; requires RealPlayer. 

Other Links:

Bible Broadcasting Network - Listen live and to archives of Bible teaching that is grace-centered, and also to traditional Christian music. During the month of December, the music is all glorious Christmas music. This is a wonderful ministry that carries the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world in different languages.

Christian Resource of Scripture Studies PLUS the Work of Researchers and Discernment Ministries. There is a lot of material on false teachings and cults.

Galatians Audio Series
on Galatians by Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse. This is a very good introduction to the one true gospel of grace. Start at the very bottom of the list of archived broadcasts and work up to hear all of his teachings on Galatians.

Horatius Bonar Works
Online books by a 19th Century man of God who knew and preached the true Gospel.

Martin Luther
Get into the mind of the great reformer by reading some of his works, particularly his Commentary on Galatians. Because Galatians is all about grace as opposed to law, you will come to understand better why he was right in contending against the legalism of the Roman Catholic Church.

Teachings on the Tabernacle
These links will help you to understand the Typology of the Old Testament. The message of the Gospel of Christ is throughout the entire Bible, and studying typology is a magnificent way in which to understand that great truth.



Hall of Church History
You can study Church History from the early church to recent times on this site, which is very well laid out and links to many other sites.  Every Christian should study Church history as an aid to helping his understanding of how God has preserved His message and raised up new movements in the face of persecution and false gospels.

Audio Teachings on Church History - David Guzik is a Calvary Chapel Minister.  This is a very good audio teaching on Church History.  Every child of God needs to study Church History in order to get a clearer picture of how imperfect man is prone to stray from the revealed truth of God and how He works in each age to raise men up to get His Church back on the right course.

More in-depth audio teaching on Church History - Michael Phillips teaches in-depth studies on Church History, with the emphasis on true Christianity, which includes the lives of great men and women of the Christian faith, some of whom were martyred for the cause of Christ.  There are 25 sermons in this series.  To listen to audio sermons and teachings on, you will need only to enter your email address and zip code.


Below are sites that have asked us to link to them and have reciprocated with a link to us. If your site teaches the message of Grace, received by faith in the Cross of Christ, send us your link and join us in getting the message out.

Christ Is All Ministry -  I am honored to have designed this site for Dennis Mulkey, who loves Christ and the Grace message. Please visit his site, sign his guestbook and encourage him to continue his message on "Christ is all in all!"

Christ in You Ministries
Christianity is not a religion; it is all about "Christ in you." Accept no less message than that!

If you have a Christian web site that is Bible-based and Christ-centered, upholding the message of the Cross and of Grace, that you would like gospelight to link to, email us with your link, plus a brief description of your site.  I particularly welcome sites emphasizing the truth of "The believer in Christ and Christ in the believer."  The site will be reviewed, and if appropriate, a link will be placed below. Then I may ask that you reciprocate with a link to this site. 

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