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Greetings! I'm Mary, and I love building web sites for other Christians.

You supply the content; I do the rest.

Would you like to have your own web site, but cannot build your own?

Visit the site of a very satisfied client:

Christ Is All Ministry
is located in California, far from where I live. All of my dealings with Brother Mulkey have been through email. He chose to have a unique domain name and hosting; and sends me all his content by email attachment. It has worked wonderfully well; and he is very pleased. You may go to his site, contact him, and ask him yourself.

My own Christian site:
The Gospel of Grace

Special Church Rates

Most churches need about a ten-page site to present their schedule, state beliefs, list their ministries, announcements, a message from the Pastor, perhaps a map to the location, and links to other ministries and the home page of the denomination.

With ten pages to the basic site, one can have a lot of information with innumerable graphics and links.

For a fee of $100 a year, (less than $10 a month!) I will provide the following services:

  • Design and host your church site. All you do is provide to me the content and changes. You may do that by email (with Word attachments, if necessary) or regular mail.

  • Up to ten pages provided for the site. A page may contain a great deal of information and graphics -- even background music if desired.

  • Unlimited links to other sites, including a link to denomination site, if applicable.

  • Inclusion in your denomination site's search of churches, if applicable.

  • The annual fee of $100 includes design, hosting, setup, and time spent each month in maintenance of the site  (minor changes to information, etc., including Pastor's message, news, announcements, calendar, schedule, and other data.) You do not have to know anything at all about web design or publishing!

  • Your site would be a subdomain, (If you want your own unique registered name, i.e. or .net or .com, there would be an additional $50.00 per  year for domain registration and hosting.)

Want to see a sample of what a church site may look like? I have put together a simple sample site just to give you an idea. We can do just about any style, colors, etc. you want, and put a lot of information on each page. (If you see a site while browsing on the Internet that you like, it can be emulated.) View my Sample.

Ministries and Other Sites

Some sites could include many essays and articles, and therefore require more time spent working on the site than church sites require.

More complex sites and those requiring a great deal of ongoing maintenance will, of necessity, cost more in addition to the $100 annual fee at the following rates:

Email or call me and let's discuss your needs.

Lighthouse Web Design
Mary Cage, Owner
220 B Strangi Ave.
Biloxi, MS 39530
(228) 374-3979


* Important Notes

I will always respect your wishes and will never violate your privacy by using any of your personal information for any other purpose than providing a web site to you at reasonable cost. 

Any personal information on your web site will be available to be viewed by the public. Please keep this in mind when composing the information for your site, publishing email addresses, etc.

Publishing on the web is governed by the same publishing laws as books, etc. Be careful to give proper credit for others' work in your materials.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to accept clients at my own discretion, and may refuse to construct sites that violate my Christian faith, morals or ethics. This includes, but is not limited to, what I deem teaching that violates the Gospel of Grace and/or cultist false teaching.