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Barnhouse on Galatians

You will need sound and Real Player to hear Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse's audio teachings on Galatians.

The site we refer you to will open in a new window. Just close to get back to this site. You also may wish to bookmark this site or add it to your favorites before you begin.

After you get to Atlantic Coast Communications, click and open "Dr. Barnhouse/Real Audio" under "Dr. Barnhouse and the Bible," and then go down and click on the first study in Galatians, which is titled "No Other Gospel," broadcast on September 1, 2002.  Listen to all nine studies in subsequent weeks with your Bible open, and it will greatly enlighten and bless you. 

We have no connection with Dr. Barnhouse or Atlantic Coast Communications; however we know a good thing when we see and hear it.  There is also a lot of other good teaching and preaching on that site, and we highly recommend it for your studies.  Always listen to any teaching with an open Bible.  Always check everything you read or hear by Scripture! Be a Berean. Always allow the Good Shepherd to be your Teacher, not only to your mind, but to your heart. And remember, "Christ in you, your hope of glory" is what results when you come to Christ!

So click below and listen.

Atlantic Coast Communications